Winter is a California native with familial Georgia roots who grew up in a large predominately Latin family in Salinas, CA. While attending CSU Sacramento in pursuit of a degree in Journalism with a minor in Ethnic Studies, she developed an awareness to the privileges of some, while also being confronted with the realities and disadvantages of under-served communities.  


Spending her teenage years to mid 20’s experiencing all the culture the Bay Area has to offer, Winter decided to plant roots in Oakland in 2014.

Since then, she has worked with the LGBTQ community, the service industry and in the health and wellness sector. She has over 10 plus years of customer service experience and has managed and been an integral part of various team efforts and has a knack for aiding businesses to move more efficiently and increase productivity. She brings her knowledge and love of the community to the Center and works to help people access the resources that they need, in order to thrive.  


She attributes her strong work ethic, empathy, and desire for learning new cultures to her mother who has constantly supported every personal endeavor. In her downtime she is in school and studying to obtain her real estate license, learning about holistic wellness including herbalism, voicing her strong stance in regards to current and past social unrest and economic disparities to those who need to hear it, bartending private parties/events, and of course binge shopping the most adorable sweaters for her four-legged child (a small terrier mix with the attitude of a grumpy elderly socialite) Marvin.