Vincent Ray Williams III 

is an Oakland native who was born HIV Positive.


As a child, he saw and experienced first hand, what it was like to not just live in poverty, but also to be discriminated against because of stigmas surrounding his being pan-sexual and positive.  

Vincent shares these life  experiences and the lessons he learned along the way, to inspire others who struggle with their own identity and diagnosis.


Vincent has a background in health facilities management and construction. After realizing that he was meant to help and inspire, he came to the Oakland LGBTQ Community center, where he was able to put his skills to work by helping build out the Glenn Burke Wellness Clinic.

He currently serves as the Center's Operations Coordinator.  Vincent is a motivational speaker, who uses his experience to educate and inspire others including people in recovery from drug addictions.

He also works with prisons and institutions to identify and implement resources for substance abuse and transitional services.

In his spare time, he organizes the volunteer group "Urban Park Clean Up," that he founded. The group cleans the neglected streets and parks of Oakland, in low income neighborhoods. He enjoys exercising, learning, inspiring others and more learning.

Email: Vincent@oaklandlgbtqcenter.org