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QTPOC - Kin Folks Is Leading Healing Art & Energetic Boundary Setting - 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Common Ground Room

This FREE workshop is for LGBTQ People of Color will help participants:

- Identify 3 key types of energetic boundaries and their benefits (Physical; Intellectual; Emotional/Spiritual;).

- Learn best techniques/practices that create and maintain clear, healthy, sustainable, energetic boundaries as we experience oppression, depression as QTPOC; learn about indigenous POC protective symbols.

- Create personal protection talismans and individual herb satchels to support/define our emotional + energetic boundaries.


Kin Folkz is an award-winning educator, human rights artivist, author, community catalyst, founder of the Oakland Pride Creative Arts & Film Fest, the founder of the Oakland Queer +Trans Open Mic, co-director of the Bay Area Bisexual Network. With a MA in Ethnic Studies (SFSU) and both a MA and PhD abd in Education (Stanford University), Kin's work has been lauded by the Huffington Post and presented around the world. Kin is the CEO and co-founder of SpectrumQueerMedia.com (SQM) - an internationally recognized LGBTQIA rights, media and creative arts advocacy organization. SQM promotes social justice, visibility and voice for marginalized LGBTQIA people and allies via community town hall conversations, workshops and community-led events.


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