Manifair (she/her) is an Oakland native and resident who is passionate for community and culture. Growing up, Manifair was always interested in everyone and everything to where she found it difficult to find a specific group to pin herself to or how to categorize herself. She quickly realized, because of how diverse Oakland is, there was no need to categorize herself and that she was a little bit of everything that her environment had to offer her. 

In her professional life, she has 10 years of Account Management experience with financial, renewable energy and tech companies. Here, she learned corporate policies, professional business practices, and building relationships with clients to improve their own businesses. She has recently taken a step away from her desk job and you can find her serving up your favorite cocktails at Somar Bar in Oakland. 

In her personal life, Manifair can be found everywhere. She's supporting local businesses, promoting for music/art/cultural events, watching her favorite sports teams, hiking, running the lake, partaking in fundraisers, pulling shrubs for wildlife, and basically anything else that brings people together to enjoy life. Manifair has also lived in other major cities and travels quite a bit but she believes that no city comes close to the diversity and sense of community than in Oakland.