When Kayla was a little girl, she would dream of one day becoming a doctor. "I always had a passion for helping people in any capacity." 
Although her life took a different path, she grew into a stronger, wiser individual in ways many are not. 


While surviving on the streets and engaging in sex work, Kayla says she remembered asking GOD "Was this the plan you have for me, is this the only thing that I am good for?" Then a second later, she received a phone call from a friend who offered her an opportunity that would change her life forever. "I felt as if my dreams were really coming true." 

Kayla started volunteering as a peer advocate at Tri-City Health Center in Fremont, and was eventually offered a full-time position for one of their programs called Transvision. The program was created to offer medical services to include hormone therapy, labs, linkage to care & treatment, mental health support, and substance abuse counseling, to people of trans-experience. 
After 5 years, Kayla was blessed with another opportunity at an organization called CalPep in Oakland.

While there, she learned to strengthen her case management skills, conduct street outreach and HIV testing to people who are among the most marginalized and often overlooked, simply because of the color of there skin or how they identify.
Kayla believes that the fight for a seat at the table for gender equality and inclusivity amongst black and brown people of trans-experience in the workplace is just getting started and said "I’m strapped up ready for war."

Kayla currently works as a Wellness Services Coordinator, helping LGBTQ people learn how to access and utilize the support that they need in order to live healthier lives.