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Mental health support 


This program offers limited subsidies to qualified applicants.  Clients can select a licensed therapist of their choosing. 

Please complete the form below and call the following number to speak with a wellness coordinator or recovery services specialist- 510-882-2286

Our funding prioritizes low income community members who are:

  • Youth in crisis ages 13-25

  • Adults and youth living with HIV

  • Queer & Trans People of Color

  • Adults and youth struggling with a substance use disorder (opioids, crystal meth, alcohol, etc.)

  • Adults and youth who are experiencing trauma due to abuse and violence.

  • Crisis couples counseling

If you are a community member seeking assistance and you are not low-income, please scroll down past the application form below for a list of LGBTQ specific mental health providers available to you.

Apply For Mental Health Assistance
How would you like to be contacted
Are you currently experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency?
How do you prefer to receive therapy or counseling services? * Select all that apply:
Are you low income and currently seeing a therapist but need help paying for your therapy sessions?
Are you struggling with addiction? or Are you in recovery and need relapse prevention support?
Are you you living with HIV?
Are you you living with any chronic health conditions?

Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon.

Try one of the therapy resources below to find a therapist or support group.


Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

Pacific Center

Psychotherapist of Color
Axis Mundi Center Oakland
Support Groups


LGBTQ Youth Crisis Line:


LGBTQ Elder Hotline:


Suicide Prevention Hotline:


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