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means the world to us! You can help support Oakland's first ever Non-profit 501c3, all ages, all inclusive LGBTQ community service center, by sending us a tax-deductible donation. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 



Our normal hours of operation are


12:00pm - 6:00pm

(later for some spt groups)
We are open some Saturdays for group activities and medical services. Closed Sundays except for special events. 


LGBTQ Youth Crisis Line:


Trans Lifeline:


LGBTQ Elder Hotline:


Substance Abuse Hotline:


Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

California Hate Crime


OPD Hate Crimes Hotline

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The Oakland LGBTQ Center is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of our LGBTQ+ community members. We focus our efforts on serving those most marginalized, including low income individuals. The Center offers a variety of health, wellness services and community strengthening activities. You are invited to become a volunteer peer support group facilitator, workshop presenter, outreach worker, or apply for a volunteer opportunity that fits your interest. See the button below to register to volunteer or call us at 510-882-2286


Oakland LGBTQ Center Youth Services

The Center is committed to supporting our LGBTQIA youth by providing trauma informed, information and referral services, support groups, leadership development, mental health services, sexual health workshops, gender care education, conflict resolution workshops, advanced educational opportunities and access to scholarship opportunities, job training resources, employment opportunities, food pantry and nutrition information, transportation assistance and emergency housing services. Youth are also invited to join the Center's Town Youth Club (TYC) program. To learn more about our youth services click the button below.



Our Glenn Burke Wellness Clinic works in partnership with LifeLong Medical Care, to offer LGBTQ affirming, culturally responsive, sexual health services to include; HIV/STI/STD full panel testing and treatment services, HIV and STI prevention counseling and prevention treatments to include PEP & PrEP. We also offer MPOX (formerly monkeypox) vaccinations, HRT injection assistance, referrals to gender care services, tele-health, benefits enrollment assistance, and linkages to primary medical care and wellness management support. The clinic also offers translation support for Spanish speaking community members. See button below to schedule an appointment or to ask questions.

Oakland LGBTQ Center Senior Services

The Center’s "Aging with Pride" initiative promotes a positive and healthy quality of life for elder LGBTQ+ individuals by ensuring they continue to be supported, respected, and connected as they advance in age. We help older community members navigate the serivice networks and collaborate with existing agencies working with LGBTQ seniors, in order to connect them to needed resources. We also work with our clients and community partners to identify gaps in services so that we can find ways to fill those gaps.  Click the button below for more information.

Oakland LGBTQ Center Transgender Support Services

Our Transgender community members are the most marginalized members among us, especially Black and other trans people of color. In addition to transphobia, trans individuals face multiple forms of descrimination when seeking employment, housing, healthcare and other basic needs. Transgender people of color experience disproportionately higher rates of HIV, substance use disorders, physical violence and homelessness. The Center's Transgender Support Services, offer trauma informed opportunities to support, educate, empower, house and employ our transgender community members. Center staff also help navigate transgender individuals to gender affirming health care, offer crisis mental health subsidies, and referrals to three onsite, transgender specific, support groups; Hey Queenz (Black Trans Women), Trans Fem, and Trans Masculine. To learn more about these and other services offered at the Center, please click the button below, see our menu or call 510-882-2286 and ask to speak with one of our wellness coordinators.


According to the CDC, Black and Latino/x men ( particularly men who have sex with men) respresent the majority of new HIV cases in the United States today, even though they represent only a small percentage of the overall population. Queer men of color are also disproportionately represented among people struggling with substance use disorders, economic disparities, and housing challenges here in the Bay Area. Queer Men of color also face institutional racism, homophobia and other forms of descrimination that impacts their mental and physical health. The Center has developed two trauma informed & culturally connected programs; Black Men's Awareness Club (BMAC) and PowerX, specifically designed to offer peer support and empower queer men of color with the resources they need to feel welcomed and respected, in order to live healthier lives. For more information about either of these programs, please see services category in the menu on your desktop or the floating menu on your smart phone.